What is Spiritual Evolution?

Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual evolution is an ongoing process that’s based in the amount of spiritual awareness a seeker gains along their path of enlightenment. A lot of people believe humanity’s experiencing a collective evolution from the third dimension to the fifth, but for this article, we’ll focus more on our general and ongoing evolution. In my opinion, … Read more


silky shiny hair

Every woman dreams of having silky smooth and soft hair. Every type of hair can look glorious when shiny and silky and looks dull without the shine. Nutritional deficiencies, improper hair care and constant use of commercial hair products can all damage the hair beyond repair and ruin your appearance. Sometimes, it’s the high amount … Read more

10 things I wish I knew before I started running


Starting a running program isn’t a complicated process. Clothes on, shoes laced, and out the door, we go. Easy, right? My first steps went something like that. I think I also ran for 30 seconds, breathing like an overheated dog and second-guessing my sanity. I’ve learned a lot since then. The good news is I … Read more